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    All the resources in this online area are part of a comprehensive programme package to enhance both yours and your pupils' learning experience. There are a mix of learning resources to use in the classroom, outdoors or as homework activities; as you will see below they are split up into classroom and outdoor activities so you can easily find resources to suit your lesson plan - just select a section title to view that section. 

    Feel free to pick and choose the resources you would like to do and these can be done before and/or after your visit to the Garden; or follow our suggested learning pathway outlined below to get the most out of the resources. If you're not booked onto a guided session at the Garden, all the resources stand on their own and will bring a little bit of the Botanics to you instead!

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  • Read the Teacher Manual and open your mail to prepare your class and yourself for the adventure ahead! (If you're not attending a guided session at the Garden, we suggest you skip this Introduction section and dive straight into the activities)

  • Bring the learning outdoors! Outdoor activities help to extend your pupils' learning. Explore the different outdoor activities and teacher advice to help run a self-guided outdoor activity.

    • An accessible version is available in Word document format.
    • As mentioned in the teacher guide S.W.A.F. cards are required to run this game! Print out the S.W.A.F cards double-sided on A4 paper - these have S.W.A.F. colours with the correct letter on each, and the correct word on the back. Alternatively, pupils could create and decorate their own S.W.A.F. cards to use.

      An alternative version is available in Word document format.
    • An accessible version is available in Word document format.

    • An accessible version is available in Word document format.
  • Activities back in the classroom enable pupils to transfer their understanding of concepts learnt in the context of the Teddy Bears' Trail to their own lives and surroundings. Explore the activity pack we have filled with ideas and inspiration to carry on the Teddy Bears' Trail adventure in your classroom!

    • An accessible and printer-friendly version of this pack is available in Word document format.
  • Explore the following additional resources and links (all links below open in a new window/tab):