Welcome to the Teacher Patch

The teacher patch grows a mix of learning resources and plant adventures to use in the classroom, outdoors or as homework activities; they are designed to complement a guided session at the Garden or are flexible to work with your own lesson plan. Currently growing in the teacher patch are three primary programmes which are free to access - select one of them below to start exploring! 

Wild Words - The Poetry of Plants

Age: Primary 4-7 [8-12 years]

Primary Teacher Resources Literacy Creative Poetry

Inspired by the bestselling book ‘The Lost Words’ by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris, the Wild Words online area helps to connect with the natural world in a creative way through bringing words to life in the wild!

Teddy Bears' Trail

Age: Primary 1-3 [5-7 years] 

Primary Teacher Resources Senses Needs of Life

Edward Bear invites your pupils and their teddies on a magical sensory adventure, to learn about the wonders of nature and discover how living things obtain the necessities of life.

Life of Plants

Age: Primary 4-7 [8-12 years] 

Primary Teacher Resources Lifecycles of Plants Pollination

Introducing you to the work of the Botanic Garden and what it takes to be a plant scientist. Explore the parts of a flower and what they do. Investigate the lifecycles of plants and recognise the different stages of their development throughout the seasons.