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Our schools area is filled with learning resources and adventures to help children, young adults and educators grow themselves, whilst discovering more about the botanical gardens, all things plants and having some fun! It's free and open access (no account needed!) for you to explore...

Our Wee Garden Pilot

Early Years Research Outdoor Nursery

Is it possible to have an outdoor early learning and childcare setting within a Botanical Garden? Find out by entering this course!

Autumn Adventure

Primary Families Teacher Resources Outdoor Adventure

Autumn activity 🍁 Come on the Autumn Adventure to experience autumn in a new way by discovering the amazing variety of seeds! Perfect for primary aged children, but great fun for all the family to enjoy together! Teacher resources are also provided to help run this adventure with your primary class. 

Marley's school of garden magic

Primary Families Teacher Resources Marley Adventures

Welcome to Marley's School of Garden Magic. The garden's black cat Marley lives at the Botanics in Edinburgh.  What's he getting up to there? Probably a lot of mischief, but we are going to join him to find out more about the weird and wonderful plants that he sees every day, along with some magical creatures too.

The undergrowth

Primary Families Teacher Resources Marley Adventures Soils

Go on an adventure in the undergrowth with Marley!

The weird and wonderful world of plants

Primary Families Teacher Resources Marley Adventures

Join Marley to find out more about the plants he discovers in the garden and in the glasshouses

The expedition storeroom

Primary Families Teacher Resources Marley Adventures

Expeditions for you to go on with Marley! Give them a try.