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    To get started read the adventure guide below!

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  • When you hear the word 'spring' what do you think and what does it make you feel?

    To help us with this let's visit the Bluebell Wood at Logan Botanic Garden, where you can take time to use your senses. Which colours can you spot? Look for the different shapes in the woods. What sounds do you hear? How does it make you feel?

  • Explore our photo collection of spring flowers for inspiration to use for your creation!

    Take a look at the photo collection either by using our spring collage or use the 'Spring Flowers Gallery' underneath the collage.

  • A helpful first step in designing your creation is to think about which colours you want to use. This is called creating a colour palette and can really help bring your spring flower to life.

    Use the resources in this section to explore different ways to find spring colours.

    • To save printing we suggest printing a handful which can be laminated and reused. An accessible version is available in Word document format.

  • Why not listen to sounds of spring while you create?

    Go outside and take in the sounds around you or listen to our sounds of spring in this section.

  • In this section let's meet some of our botanical artists and see how they bring plants to life through art!

    Be inspired by seeing our botanical artists in action in the timelapse video below.

  • Explore the following additional resources (all links below open in a new window/tab):

    • Explore more learning about the life of plants in our 'Life of Plants' online area - ideal for Primary 4-7 [8-12 years].
    • Teachers if you'd like to go on more plant adventures with your class check out the Teacher Patch area which grows a mix of learning resources to use in the classroom, outdoors or as homework activities. 
    • Discover and get involved in wonderful ways to be Plant-Kind with our new interactive resource!
    • For more spring activities check out the Woodland Trust - Nature Detectives resources!