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    Learn all about Dandelions

    A dandelion in the sun, from above

    Enter the world of a dandelion and find out how these tough little plants thrive in even the busiest city or wildest places. Click on the green links in this section to find out more...

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    Expedition dandelion and activities

    Girl blowing the clock of a dandelion with seed catching the wind

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    Dandelion petal syrup - NEW!

    Dandelion Petal Syrup
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    Plant camouflage

    Two frogs sitting on stones by a pond.

    Expedition camouflage

    Visit the Expedition storeroom and go on Expedition camouflage to learn about creatures and plants that have cunning camouflage like these stone plants - can you see them?

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      Titan Arum - a real giant!

      The Titan Arum is a truly weird and wonderful giant plant that lives in the rainforest of Sumatra in Indonesia.

      This lesson is aimed at mid to upper primary age children who are interested in the rainforest.

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