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    Student IT Induction

    For Attended Diploma/HND/BSc/MSc courses

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  • Change Password & Sign Acceptable Usage Policy

    • Your Username will be sent to the personal email address you gave when registering for your course
    • Your Password will be sent in a separate email message. You will be asked to change this as part of the set-up process below

    Important: If you are signed-in to other Microsoft services, for example your SRUC account, sign-out before you start this process, or use a Private Browsing tab in your browser

    1. Enter the Username and Password provided
    2. When prompted set your own password
    3. You will also be prompted to set up Multi Factor Authentication to secure your account and Self Service Password Reset following on-screen instructions
    4. You will be presented with the New User Declaration, follow the on-screen instructions

    • As part of your induction training, you are required to review this guide from Police Scotland. This will equip you with information and advice which will increase your awareness and prepare you to be able to identify potential frauds and prevent the loss of your valuable data to those intent on stealing it.

    • This is a quick intro to Teams and your Class Calendar. You will need to use Teams and the Class Calendar to access your online lectures in the MSc.