• Click on one of the sections below to expand that section. We are currently updating RHS Level 2 materials - so this means some units have more interactive materials than others. All sections have notes, presentations and quizzes. Some quizzes cannot be shown in this area as they require users to have accounts in order to complete them. As a student on the RHS courses you will also have access to discussion forums (for privacy reasons we cannot show you the forums here). Forums are used for students to speak to each other and for tutors and support staff to assist with any questions.

    Please get in touch if you have any questions about these sample materials or generally any questions about the course:

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      Welcome to the course

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      RHS Level 2 Sample Materials

      Rock Garden at Kew

      An example of materials from RHS Level 2 Certificate

      This is an example of the types of materials that would be available to you if you took a course online using PropaGate Learning at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

      Here we show examples from the first unit of the RHS Level 2 module. In addition to videos/interactive lessons/PDFs/quizzes/presentations, you would have access to discussion forums where you can ask questions or discuss topics with other students.

      The photogenic Pasque flower (Pulsatilla vulgaris) is great for spring interest in a rock garden.

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      RHS Level 3: Soft Landscaping

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