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  • Help and support for online learning

    Everyone who studies on our courses has different levels of knowledge and skills when it comes to the digital world. Brushing up on your digital skills will help you to get the most from your course here on PropaGate Learning.

    Scroll down the page and you will see a list of digital skills/topics. You will also see a section on using PropaGate Learning, our online learning platform. 

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Using images

  • Using images

    Moving images from camera to computer

    If you have taken photos on a camera (rather than using your phone), you will have to move them from your camera to your computer in order to upload to your course or edit them.

    If you have a PC, this Complete Guide to Importing Your Photos in Windows 10 will show you how to do this; if you have a Mac, this  Transfer images in Image Capture on Mac page will show you how.

    A digital SLR camera.

    Using a scanner to upload images to a computer

    This BBC page on How to use a scanner gives a simple run-through of how to scan and save an image. Each type of scanner is slightly different, but this is a useful general guide.

    Resizing images

    Once you have your photos on your computer, you may want to resize them to make them smaller, or manipulate them in other ways e.g. adjusting the brightness. 

    Edit photos and videos in Windows 10 gives you a walk-through of how to edit images on a PC and  Resize, rotate or flip an image in Preview on Mac shows you how to do it on a Mac, using their standard software. Mobile devices often come with their own image editing software, and you can install programs of your choice, if you wish.

    Inserting/manipulating images in word processing docs

    This video and description gives you a quick walk-through of how to Insert pictures into a Word document, how to resize them and how to change the layout.