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  • Help and support for online learning

    Everyone who studies on our courses has different levels of knowledge and skills when it comes to the digital world. Brushing up on your digital skills will help you to get the most from your course here on PropaGate Learning.

    Scroll down the page and you will see a list of digital skills/topics. You will also see a section on using PropaGate Learning, our online learning platform. 

    Please ensure your browser is up-to-date; always use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. An out of date browser or browser settings are the most common reasons for users experiencing problems using the site.

Using Microsoft Teams and Zoom

  • Using Microsoft Teams and Zoom

    Microsoft Teams and Zoom are programs that enable video calls and video meeting between people. In some of our courses, there may be live sessions or tutorials that use these programs.

    Your Course Supervisor or Tutor may advise you to connect to Microsoft Teams as part of your course.  You can find Teams at, where you find all your other Microsoft apps. Watch this very short video for an introduction on how to use Teams.

    Again, as with email if you have an RBGE account/email address (this is different from a PropaGate account and applies to MSc students, BSc/HND and some Diploma courses)

    1. Either sign out of any other existing Microsoft accounts, open a different browser or start a 'Private browsing' session (sometimes called incognito) in your current browser. e.g. if you are signed in with a personal Microsoft account or with an SRUC Microsoft account. You cannot be signed into two Microsoft accounts because the browser has saved your current login credentials.
    2. Visit 
    3. Sign-in with your RBGE credentials
    4. Choose Teams from the left-hand menu

    If you do not have an RBGE account, you may attend a Teams meeting as a guest.

    If you are required to use Zoom, the Zoom website help and support will explain how to download and use the app, or join a Zoom meeting from your browser.