Botany for the Built Environment

This course is provided by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) and the University of Leeds and will close on the 30th June 2023.

Whether you are a student of the built environment (civil engineers, urban planners, landscape architects, etc) or just have a general interest in plants and green infrastructure, this course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to make better-informed choices about the design and management of green spaces and urban areas for both people and nature.

This course is also part of a research study by Sebastian Stroud from the University of Leeds, so if you should wish, you will be able to help us better understand how we can train people to make better more socially and environmentally conscious decisions in urban planning and management. 

Even if you are not a student of the built environment you are still welcome to participate in the research study as it will help inform us about how effective our module has been in educating you!

Ultimately, we aim to help you answer the following question:

How can we improve urban areas for both people and wildlife?

This course will be free of charge and has now launched. If you already have an account on PropaGate, you do not need to register for this course - you can self enrol to gain instant access.  If you are a staff member/volunteer at RBGE, please email for a login. Otherwise if you do not have an accountplease register using this form. Accounts will be created once a week. Registration details will be held by the University of Leeds and shared with RBGE to create online accounts.

Plants and Climate Change

This free course is for anyone who wants to know more about climate change, how it relates to plants and what you can do about it. It has been designed for everyone from young adults upwards. It requires an account so please register for the course on the RBGE website if you do not already have an account and you are currently logged in as a guest. If you do have an account, click 'Enrol me' below.

Plants and climate change - a taster activity

An interactive activity looking at whether plants influence climate. The content in this taster is an extract from a longer, free course that can be found here: Plants and Climate Change course.

Titan Arum - A Real Smelly Giant!

The Titan Arum is a very strange plant. This jungle giant has one of the largest and weirdest flower heads of any plant. Let's find out more about its life...

How Plants Fight Back

An introduction to how plants defend themselves. A free mini-course available for guests and current students.

Keep Edinburgh Buzzing!

This free course has been created by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Edinburgh Living Landscape and the Royal Zoological Society for Scotland to raise awareness of the importance of Edinburgh's pollinators and the important work they do.

About this course

This is a short course on the importance of our pollinators and how you can help - whether you are in Edinburgh or anywhere else there is something for you! This course is completely free to use and is for a recommended age of 13+. It will take around 90 minutes to complete.

Late winter walkround

This is a resource from an upcoming short course called 'Getting started with Planting Design'. We thought we would release it to you as it is apt for this time of year and gives you a taster of the course. Enjoy!