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About the Terms of Use

PropaGate Learning, RBGE’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) uses Moodle and Mahara software to offer blended and distance courses to users. The purpose of the Terms of Use is to inform you of our obligations and to lay out appropriate use of these sites.

The term ‘PropaGate Learning’ refers to the sites at and Where the term ‘site administrators’ is used, this covers Learning Technologists, office staff, IT staff, managers, and also support staff at CoSector, University of London, our Hosting Company.

Each user (Staff, Student or Guest) is responsible for ensuring that their use of PropaGate Learning complies with this document.

By using PropaGate Learning you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use, which shall take effect immediately at your first log-in. If you do not agree to be bound by all the following Terms of Use you should cease using PropaGate Learning and notify the Education Department at

RBGE may revise the Terms of Use by posting the latest version of this document on PropaGate Learning and informing users using the site news facility.


Our Obligations

RBGE will undertake all reasonable steps to provide you with a safe, secure and operational online learning environment. If at any time you feel your rights have not been upheld or you have any questions regarding the Terms of Use, please contact us immediately.


Outages and Upgrades

PropaGate Learning will occasionally be unavailable for short periods of time as we release new system features. We will endeavour to provide at least 3 working days’ notice of any scheduled maintenance via the site news. Major upgrades may result in the site being unavailable for a few days and we will ensure we give you timely advanced warning. 


Objectionable material or inappropriate behaviour

You are encouraged to report objectionable material or inappropriate behaviour immediately. Please contact either your tutor or to the Learning Technology Manager ( We will ensure the matter is investigated in a timely manner.

Inappropriate behaviour includes intentionally attempting to load files with viruses, placing objectionable or excessive feedback, posts or comments in a message, on forums or on any other user's portfolio, misuse of the objectionable material reporting system and any other behaviour deemed to be a nuisance or offensive by an administrator.

Accessing your account

Administrators may access your account, profile, forum posts, assignment uploads or quiz responses, however, they will avoid doing so unless specifically required to support your use of PropaGate Learning or as per these terms and conditions. From time to time, a system administrator may need to login as a user in order to observe exactly what the user is seeing. This is used for troubleshooting purposes and as a last resort, when all other avenues have been exhausted and the user is still experiencing difficulties. The administrator can do this without needing any login information from the user, thus preserving the security of the user’s password.


Your Obligations

Intellectual Property Rights

All files and content you upload to PropaGate Learning are subject to copyright legislation. You are responsible for ensuring you have appropriate permission to reproduce and publish any work that is not your own.

All assessment work uploaded to PropaGate Learning should be your own. Copying others’ work, cheating, collusion, plagiarism and attempting to obtain unfair assessment advantages are forbidden.

Course materials are owned by RBGE unless otherwise stated. Any downloading or copying of course material must be for the sole use of completing the course of study or for reviewing materials as a tutor.


Netiquette (online etiquette)

You are prohibited from using any words or pictures which:

  • are sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, pornographic, paedophilic or similarly discriminatory and/or offensive
  • advocate or condone, directly or indirectly, criminal activity, or any other activity which may otherwise damage the RBGE’s standing in the UK or abroad
  • are defamatory, libellous or threatening
  • contain personal data (as defined by the GDPR) about third parties, unless their permission has been given explicitly

You should be polite and courteous to one another and always act in a professional manner.

Copies of your work

You should always keep original copies of work uploaded to PropaGate Learning. RBGE accepts no liability for lost or corrupted data that has been stored on PropaGate Learning.

Your User Account

Access to courses on PropaGate Learning is controlled by user permissions. You should log into PropaGate Learning using your own user account and never allow another user to access PropaGate Learning using your account.

All student accounts are set up with email addresses hidden from other students – you may change this setting to allow other students on your course or on the site to view your email address if you wish. This can be done within your profile settings.

On the rare occasion that you find yourself with access to any part of PropaGate Learning that you do not require or should not have the permission to view, you should inform the Learning Technology Manager (at and not proceed any further.


Data protection and Security of Data 

Logging of Activities

Activities on PropaGate Learning are fully logged. Records are kept of when you access the site, courses and resources along with a log of all online communication such as forum posts, assignment submissions, page views etc. These records are available to tutors for course/activity completion information, but may also be used as a point of reference for any matters arising, such as accounts of harassment, bullying or the transmitting of inappropriate material.

Students should be aware that in addition to the site administrators, course tutors are able to directly access their files.


Personal Information

Fellow students on the site and authorised persons, for example, tutors, administrators and external examiners will have access to your name, photograph and any discussion comments you make (discussions within courses can only be seen by other students in that course).

You should not post personal or sensitive information to forums, profile, messages or any other area within PropaGate Learning.

PropaGate Learning is hosted by The University of London. In order to provide access to your online course(s) provided by RBGE at and, RBGE shares your information with the University of  London. The University of London accesses your information in order to provide technical assistance for the Learning Technology team at RBGE and to store the sites securely for RBGE.

For more information please refer to the RBGE Privacy Notice and the RBGE Education Privacy Policy

Assessment Information and Grades

Only you and authorised persons (your tutors and site administrators) will have access to your assessment information.


External Content

Tutors may add links to useful websites on PropaGate Learning. RBGE cannot accept any responsibility for the content of external sites.

Please email if you have any queries regarding any of the content outlined in this document.





We use cookies to make navigation of this site more efficient, for storing preferences and to track usage.

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Information about cookies used on this site

By this site we mean PropaGate Learning and My Portfolio. Cookies are small, often encrypted text files, located in browser directories. They are used to help you navigate through our site efficiently and to perform certain functions such as remembering preferences and to enable us to track usage. You may refuse to accept cookies by activating the setting on your browser which allows you to refuse the setting of cookies. However, if you select this setting you may be unable to access or use certain parts of our site. Unless you have adjusted your browser setting so that it will reject cookies, our system will issue cookies when you use our sites.

This website uses the following cookies:

The primary cookie ‘MoodleSession’ provides continuity and maintains your login from page to page. The site will not work without this cookie. This cookie is deleted when you leave the site (i.e. close your browsing session). Another cookie, 'moodleID' remembers your username.  You will have been asked if you want PropaGate Learning to remember your username the first time you logged in.  You can delete this cookie without affecting performance - you'll just have to retype your username every time you log in.

Any other cookies used are to maintain preferences and to collect statistical data and do not collect personal data. See below for more details:


We embed videos from our official Vimeo account and from YouTube. Vimeo uses localstorage and cookies to store user preferences (such as turning on captions) and to obtain statistical data which gives RBGE useful video playback data. This may set cookies on your computer when you view a video, but Vimeo will not store personally-identifiable cookie information for playbacks of embedded videos. Read more at For YouTube, we embed videos using the privacy-enhanced mode which may set cookies on your computer when you watch a video but personally-identifiable information will not be stored. 

Padlet places some small pieces of data in your browser, so that when you visit the padlet in the future, it uses the information stored in your browser is used to find out if you created a Post or a Padlet in the past, so that you can edit or modify your posts. Occasionally a padlet is embedded in a PropaGate course.


Turning cookies on and off in your browser

You can delete or disable cookies in your browser settings.
Remember, disabling cookies completely will limit the functionality of PropaGate Learning and My Portfolio and it is likely that the sites will not work.For more information on how to do this in your browser check out the relevant link(s) at the following webpage:
Information Commisioner's Office - Cookies

For more information on cookies see

Updated 03/09/21

Changes: We no longer use Google Analytics to track usage; Added more details about YouTube embedded videos.